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On the new aesthetic summer t-shirts of the collection being destocked

6 products

6 products

What better way to keep warm and stylish than with a good sweater at home. The aesthetics of this vaporwave clothing can only put them on the tiles 

Our Vaporwave Aesthetic Hoodies

Come and choose your Vaporwave sweater with your favorite pattern to accompany you throughout the day. It's your winter essential. Whether you wear it at home to binge-watch Netflix, at parties with your buddies, or out and about, you'll look great and sweep away anyone who tries to stand in your way.

Our sweatshirts are very popular with fans of City pop; or Synthwave, they are perfect to wear in the summer when you go out for a menu in a fast food restaurant or in the local Starbucks. You catch the wind so you don't get hot, without being in a t-shirt.

But our designs don't just appeal to the Chillwave nut! If you are a fan of electro music and love aesthetics and beauty on your clothes, this collection is also for you. Don't panic 80s and 90s fan, we haven't forgotten you! Everyday objects from the old days are very present on our designs, it's up to you to make good use of them 😉

Vaporwave Apparel for Women

Women seem to be some of the most fanatical about the items in this collection, and we're very proud of that! You've been raiding our inventory and your feedback on the quality of our Vaporwave hoodies is heartwarming. That's why we take special care to design our line of sweatshirts according to what women ask us.

Soft long sleeve sweatshirt, Nintendo 64 sweatshirt, Green Tea Arizona sweatshirt, Sailor Moon sweatshirt, you will have to choose from our wide range of products. And if you hesitate so much, take two, you'll never regret it! Helios & David also make great appearances in this collection, which will delight statue fanatics. Also, make sure to tell yourself how much you love this unusual stone man.

The Vaporwave ensential: The N64 Sweater and Anime Hoodie

Ah... You were wisely waiting for us to talk about it. And we understand you! The Anime models are the most requested among our wide range of hoodies. And for good reason, they are the most aesthetic and Kawaii of all. Indeed, the manga characters are beautiful and flawless. What better way for a person who loves characters to wear the work of a quality mangaka?

Wear a true Vaporwave fashion by finishing your style with a Nintendo 64 t-shirt. This is the must-have garment for any self-respecting nostalgic person. Accompanied by the sweatshirts of this collection, the cotton of our vaporwave tees will give a real boost to your style to not let any ugliness show through. See you on the other side!