Who is the Vaporwave Statue ?

Who is the Vaporwave Statue ?


    The Vaporwave Statue: Who is this mysterious Vaporwave Statue?

    This Vaporwave statue is predominant. It is almost the symbol of the Vaporwave and is present in the album of Vektroid, the very famous "Floral Shoppe".

    What is the name of this much represented statue?

    Well, let's face it. This vaporwave statue is very present. Why is that? Simply because vaporwave is known thanks to a very famous album called Floral Shoppe. People automatically associated this statue to vaporwave, even if it is above all an artistic trend mixing several different things:

    • Cleancore
    • Anime
    • Icepunk
    • Old Web
    • Cyberpunk
    • Synthwave
    • Seapunk
    • Witch House
    • Holosexual
    • Slimepunk
    • Lo-Fi
    • Drugcore
    • Cyberdelic
    • Liminal Space
    • New Age
    • Glitch
    • Glowwave
    • Surreal Memer
    • Y2K
    • Nostalgiacore

    The name of the famous vaporwave statue is nothing other than Helios, the sun god according to Greek mythology. He is often depicted with a radiant crown and riding a chariot across the sky.He is, however, more than a Greek god with human characteristics.

    You must have already heard this famous soundtrack. In fact, it is very easy to get into your head and is very easy to remember because of its simplicity. Don't get me wrong, it's not Helios that's casting a spell on you but your brain that's repeating this melody over and over again!