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      Y2K nails: A fashion accessory that women must wear to be aesthetic and elegant or just a pastel-colored gadget that is totally obsolete?

      It's no secret that everyone wants to be stylish, and everyone has their own vision of aesthetics. However, not everyone dresses the same way. Indeed, some prefer long-sleeved sweaters with stripes, others prefer tank tops to stay cool. But, women tend to stand out from others on one thing, which makes them unique, that only womens can wear: Fake nails!

      Again, there is a multitude of ways to wear false nails, the patterns can be different. But, have you ever worn Y2K nails? Indeed, pastel pink color with patterns of hearts or roses, these nails are very aesthetic by their authenticity and originality, why not try then?

      The aesthetic nails that women should wear in 2020s! The new fashion of the old days.

      You may not know it, but the Y2K is a derivative of the 2000s. Indeed, it represents the Y2K bug, when a lot of electrical devices started to have problems to display the new year. Some people thought it was a great idea to make it a style of clothing! Because, this collection is intended for women who want to wear aesthetic Y2K nails. Here is an opportunity to have beautiful hands, and in an original way. Now it's up to you to make your nails a real work of art!

      Other Y2K clothes to complement the nails?

      Now that you have your Y2K nails, you are now different from other girls. But, it would be better to follow this fashion to the end! Indeed, in order to complete your hands, you need to wear them, and our Y2K shirts collection gathering the best possible Y2K Shirts is there for that. You won't find any garment as aesthetic as these in terms of Y2K fashion.

      In order to complete and make your nails even more beautiful than they already are, you need to know what to wear so that they are as aesthetic and beautiful as possible:

      • A Y2K long sleeve tee can match your nails, make sure the tee doesn't hide your nails only, tees of this style are often straight out of the 2000s. Not very complicated to differentiate them then 
      • An overised hoodie can also accompany your nails! Indeed, try to choose them well knit, and pastel color if possible. Hoodies tend to bring out your nails in the best way if they are chosen the right way. No need for outerwear on rainy days as a result ;)
      • It's no secret that you should always wear short-sleeved clothing in hot weather. Polo shirt, tee shirt, tank top, or even a crop top for women. Know that these clothes are perfect to go with Y2K nails, the pastel color is again recommended! A pastel garment is very representative of the 2000s for the most part.
      • A hooded sweater has the merit of being warm, just like jackets, down jackets or cotton-based clothing in general. Because, they offer comfort and allow to isolate the heat to the maximum in order to limit the losses, and that offers a comfort at the level of the wearing. 
      • A Y2K cotton t-shirt has the merit of being easy to wear, soft but above all aesthetic! You will find very few v-necks in our collections, but that doesn't prevent you from wearing these fashionable Y2K accessories. 
      • Skirts are perfect with tops and crop-tops, it offers freedom of movement. Imagine going on vacation with beautiful Y2K style clothes and nails with uneven quality? You will be unique in the eyes of all!
      • Men will prefer a henley, others an oversized hoodie, or even a simple sweater in pastel colors. But you, have you chosen what will make you look good? You should know that vaporwave is very connected with Y2K, so why not take a look at our Vaporwave collection, you will be able to find clothes that will please you!

      The new fashion of clothing is surely related to the Y2K, but photos of Y2K nails are very popular on networks like Pinterest

      Indeed, many are those who seek photos about these famous nails. But, have you ever tried to make your own nail style according to the Y2K fashion? In fact, the question is simple: Can you have your own taste in terms of Y2K using only the colors and patterns that define you. We want all women to have their own Y2K nail style. It should define you just by seeing them. Do you realize how powerful these colors and designs are? You have the ability to make a statement with your eyes alone, and the vast majority of men will not be able to do the same. You have gold in your hands ladies!